Stream Audiences That Grow Themselves
Updated by Ryan Anderson May 29th, 2019
An audience is a force of nature, it's the 9th wonder of the world right after compounding interest at a close 8th wonder.

Let's get right into it and examine this wonder of the world from a real-world perspective.

Imagine that you find something that nobody has ever found before. Something that you never knew that you were looking for, but all of the sudden here it is.

You bookmark it, you store it in your mind and associate this rare find. You think of a story that you can tell your close friends and family in celebration.

Boom your friends and family see that you found something of value, a gem, a game changer. They put together a story to tell their close friends and the rest of the family.

Now it's time to tell all their social media accounts all the extended social circles. All the sudden everybody in your world knows that something great has occurred in your life, practically overnight.

Believe it or not, this exact situation happens all of the time. When my wife and I had our first kid, then again when we had our twins, then birthday parties and family get-togethers.

Now it's completely socially acceptable for such experiences to happen all of the time.

In this example, it's easy to understand that 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2, but rather equals 150+ interactions.

Imagine using that same communication loop to grow your stream's audience.

It's clear that if we take such powerful principles and apply them wisely it can result in a multiplying effect making ripples thousands of viewers wide.
Let's take this to the 7th degree and look at how this same communication loop works in big numbers.

Let's assume a few things and keep the numbers as low as possible to realize how powerful this 9th wonder of the world is.

First, everybody has at least one person in their life who will check out anything that we ask them to just out of some sort of emotional attachment.

Second, not everybody shares values but out of everyone we know at least 2 people have similar values to ours.

With those two assumptions, if some event or experience touches our lives deep enough we can easily get 3 other to either investigate or buy into whatever it is we ask them to.

Now it happens, we find a stream that literally changes our lives. We can't help it but tell our 3 closest social connections that relate to that experience.

With such an impactful experience that it begins to have a ripple effect and those 3 connections share their story with their 3 closest social connections.

Already the chain reaction takes hold of the audience, now 27 people that are closely related have also experienced the thing shared by one person.

The 27 people now turn into 81 people after sharing it with their closest connections, then that turns into 243 people.

This happens as quickly as overnight. Here is where the magic happens, if we positioned properly and followed through with focus and determination.

The next step is 729 people all closely related and all interested in the new story or experience that is being shared.

If the foundation and principles underlying all of these connections it will hit exponential growth and in an instant, there will be 2,187 all a part of this growth.

If we push through, if we stay consistent, find the right mindset, develop the necessary skill. The next step will absolutely blow your mind.

If 6,561 people all experience the same thing and the result of that experience is that they buy into the mission, vision, and purpose of a cause or experience nothing can stop that from propelling forward.

As you can tell 1+1 does not equal 2, but rather multiplies to equal thousands. Harness this wonder of the world for massive success in anything.

Let's finish with a bang. If there were a streamer that had 6,561 monthly subscribers. That is a six-figure income and enough for nearly anyone to get the life of their dreams.

Now figure it out, get it done, make it happen yourself or pay someone to help you. Either way harness the power of the 9th wonder of the world, now!

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson helps streamers create income on demand. He is an expert at helping streamers get viewers using online methods and making things super simple to understand.
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