A Streamers Education
Updated by Ryan Anderson on May 27th, 2019
If you have gone to college, have no use for your degree or dropped out early because of the massive waste of time you were experiencing. 

Just like growing up everyone said, "go to school, get good grades, then go to college to get a good job." That line of action turned out to be worthless in the real world.

Now we are all spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a worthless piece of paper that companies only use to eliminate you from a stack of hundreds of others applying for the same position that pays less than $100,000 a year.

It's no wonder that millions of us are now turning to a live stream as a way to seek financial futures that are meaningful enough to get us out of this debt avalanche weighing us down.

Most of us after being out of school for 6 months realize our mistake and start to consider bankruptcy as a source of relief.

Now let's get right to it with this streamers education path.

After playing years of video games realizing that there is finally a way to use all those elite skills to make money, who wouldn't want to go down that path.

Realized after reading up on all the posts and forums that anyone could make it as a streamer. All that is required is getting some additional equipment, download some software and we're good to go.

Then reality starts to sink in... Nobody is watching and it has been 40 hours of streaming.

Now all the advice says, "keep going, hang in there, everyone goes through this, just be patient."

Finally, a shortcut. The hidden secret that comes to the surface after hours of streaming is a follow for a follow, sub for a sub and lurk your community in order to build a stream.

Now with a renewed sense, a purpose and focus success has a new name. It's called affiliate, it's called partner.

Get affiliate to make some money, get to partner to start streaming full time and finally all the sacrifices are worth it.

Boom affiliate, boom partner right after. Now all the fans, all the money, all the success is here.
But wait, what is happening. Very few viewers, nearly no subscribers and right back to square one with a fancy title and stream requirements.

More pressure, fewer rewards, more time sacrificing just to scrape by. This isn't what was expected, this isn't what was promised.

Come this far, never back down let's get to the basics.

Get viewers, get those viewers to subscribe, stick to a schedule. Every day thick and thin, keep to that schedule.

Then it finally hits, the realization that stumps all others. The realization is that this stream is going to be extremely successful.

This stream is going to replace one of the top streamers in the community because it is that much better in every single way.

The missing link was right in front the whole time. Start advertising and start now.

This stream, this life, it's all one choice away. Do it ourselves or pay someone to do it, but it has to get done.

Get the right viewers, turn them into an audience. Help that audience purchase using ads below the stream.

Now all those titles, all that effort has resulted in something that could have been going on the whole time.

The difference, the only difference was advertising. Why didn't anyone mention it, What was so secret?

A new perspective on viewers positioned properly with ads and now a 6 figure stream that competes with the top streamers.

Ignore all the advice, ignore everything else. Focus on getting new viewers to purchase using ads below the stream. 

No titles, no milestones, just exponential incoming growing every day.

This is a streamers education, get to it. Anyone can succeed with the proper focus.

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson helps streamers create income on demand. He is an expert at helping streamers get viewers using online methods and making things super simple to understand.
If you're interested in monetizing your stream or scaling up and getting high value viewers then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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