7 Unexpected Live Streaming Tips
Updated by Ryan Anderson on May 27th, 2019
If you have been streaming live for hours with no result. If you are tired of all the advice given out on the forums and social media groups.

I'm here to tell you once and for all that all the advice you have been given is based on false information from people that don't want you to succeed.

The truth will set you... if you thought to yourself, "free," you are wrong! The truth will only set you on a path and if you don't take the path, then the truth is worthless.

Countless times having been told the same thing over and over doesn't make it so. Let's get to it and find the right path to successful streaming with these 7 unexpected live streaming tips:

#1 Stop streaming

 If you spend all your time streaming then guess what, you don’t have any time to grow your stream. Instead, if you split your stream time 40%/60% or even 30%/70% between streaming/advertising you’ll have a successful stream in no time. Do it yourself or have someone do I for you, but for some reason, nobody is doing it. Time to wake up and start treating your stream seriously, by not streaming!

#2 Start using ads

If you have listened to any advice on how to stream you’ll know that almost nobody is talking about ads. This is because ads are the secret weapon of the successful and they don’t want you to take their viewers.

#3 Know your audience

If you are talking to your audience and know nothing about them, what are you going to talk about? Most free advice says you can just talk about your life or your gameplay. This is completely ineffective because nobody cares about that. They only care about themselves. It’s up to you to care about them too, that’s how you get fans for life.

#4 Use what you have

If you have seen any great stream they all tell you exactly what kind of equipment you should use to stream. Have you wondered why that is exactly? Well, maybe it’s because they get a commission for every person that buys their expensive equipment through their link. It’s a great way to support streams, keep that in mind! Don’t spend your money on equipment until you have to.

#5 Don't be patient

If what you are doing isn’t getting immediate results… change what you are doing now! Don’t wait until you spend countless hours getting no results. Even if everyone tells you to just keep streaming no matter what, that is not wise. Instead, try something new, do things differently and keep experimenting until you find success. Stop the insanity!

#6 Stream setup doesn't matter

Minimum functionality with expert advertising is enough when you actually care about your audience. You can always improve your setup, but you can only find a world-class audience with effort and focus on your audience. Forget about stream setup and shortcut everywhere possible until your stream affords you a better setup!

#7 There is no best

If your goal is and has always been to the best at the game that you play, then even if you succeed, guess what nobody else cares. It’s not the best player that succeeds at streaming. Often the opposite is true. The streamer that interacts on a personal level with their viewers is 100 times more likely to experience success as a streamer who doesn't every time.

If you spend hours streaming with no results use these unexpected live streaming tips to change that instantly and start growing your stream seriously. 

Do you agree with these tips, if so let me know in the comments? If not let me know and let's figure it out together. 

This blog post will continually be updated to keep the 7 unexpected live streaming tips up to speed with the latest methods that we find.

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson helps streamers create income on demand.  He is an expert at helping streamers get viewers using online methods and making things super simple to understand.
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